The term security has many meanings based on the context and perspective in which it is used. Security from our perspective is the continuous process of maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a system, sub-system, and system data. This definition at a very high level can be restated as the following: Security is a continuous process dealing with confidentiality, integrity, and availability on multiple layers of a system.

Commercial security systems are a vital part of your business. Systems like Access Control and security cameras must have constant functionality–they help automate your business. And when one of those systems is down, your ability to do your job is compromised. This is why it is vital to keep your security system functioning at peak efficiency.

Cramms Maintenance service plan (maintenance access control,cctv,alarm)plays a vital role in ensuring maximum uptime and minimum headache with your security electronics.


Cramms Indonesia is a technology integrator. Our speciality is integration of security equipment with your business processes and ANY other hardware. Integrations between alarm, HD Video and access control are a snap for us. But we do more. Cramms Indonesia has the design team and software tools available that enable integrations across virtually any hardware and software you are currently using.