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S4A Industrial Co., Limited, Founded in 2010, We have been dedicating in access control production R&D and sales for 10year till now. With the belief that we do one thing well in a lifetime, our CEO has been in this industry for 15 years. During the past 10 years, our products have been exported to various countries and regions. And 90% of customers come from the recommendations of cooperative customers, and 80% of the turnover comes from cooperative customers in the past 10years.

Your business is a plant, we are the gardener, our mission is to water and fertilize the plant, and make it become the towering tree. We attach great importance to the partner’s appeal, customer’s suggestions, and feedbacks. To strengthen Product quality awareness, client’s service awareness. Our clients and S4A are on the same path walking for many years.       

S4A’s future would be even more brilliant, this is related to all of our staff’s working sweat. When you join this team, you will feel an invisible power to drive walk forward. 


S4A mainly produces a series of security Door Access Control such as:

Network Access Controller, Locker board, Electromagnetic lockStandalone door ControllerAutomatic door opener, etc


What is Network Access Control?

Network access control, or NAC, is the set of tools, processes, and protocols that govern access to network-connected resources. It is a multifaceted discipline that involves access control solutions for different types of resources, including conventional PCs and servers, and also network routers, IoT devices, and more.

NAC also applies to data that travels over the network, and the resources it helps to secure may be physical (as in the case of hardware routers or servers) or software-defined, virtual resources (such as a software firewall or a virtual machine).In a bit more detail, network access control is a solution that integrates with your company’s network infrastructure to identify, assign, and enforce pre-determined rules or policies to manage the access to your network.

Single door access control

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