Tripod Turnstile

Ideal for internal or external use on sites monitoring where large flows of people and robustness are issues.


Pedestal mounted stainless steel and aluminium tripod turnstile with a small footprin

Electro-Mechanical Head Mechanism

• Positive locking action for one passage at a time

• Self-centering mechanism to ensure complete rotation into the home position 

• Anti-backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the mechanism has moved from 60° from home

Power Failure / Fire Alarm

• Either one or both directions can be fail-safe (standard), i.e. rotates freely, or fail lock, i.e. locks in the home position

• Fire alarm – emergency input. Input facility available for free voltage contact to effect fail-state 

• Mechanism fail state will be the same as power failure choice

• Drop arm option: the horizontal arm drops to create passage for evacuation

• Static hub option: free rotation