Gallagher Command Center Management Software

Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site.


Enhanced security monitoring and response

Site hardware and system components can be configured using Command Centre.

Fully configurable to meet the unique needs of your site, Command Centre offers centralized site visibility and monitoring to enhance situational awareness on both local and remote sites. Everything that happens on site is relayed to your Command Centre operators in real-time, enabling a quick and accurate response to security threats.

Operational efficiencies

Seamless integration with complimentary security and site management solutions creates smarter, more cost-effective ways to operate. Flexible, advanced auditing and reporting allows you to retrieve data and make operational decisions with greater precision.

With you all the way

Fully scalable and supported by continuous investment in research and development, Command Centre will always be ready to support your future growth and changing security requirements.

From perimeter solutions, intelligent access control, and building management, to important sites with some of the highest security requirements today, the Command Center is designed taking into account the people, sites, businesses, and management of your building.