Gallagher’s T-Series Reader range provides contactless proximity card readers for access control management.

The T-Series range of smartcard and multi-technology readers, T10, T11, T12, T15 and T20, are designed to withstand both the rigours of daily use and adverse environmental conditions.

  • Potted and tested to high environmental tolerances.
  • Durable and robust design. 
  • Extensive range of reader mounting and protection accessories.

Features across the range

  • High speed RS485 protocol, HBUS, offers an access decision response time of 200 milliseconds.
  • Unparalleled reader security through IT grade authentication and encryption between the reader and controller with HBUS.
  • Heartbeat monitoring ensures reader status can be monitored in real time. An alarm is raised at the Command Centre workstation if the reader stops communicating with the field controller. 
  • Support for multiple card technologies including: Bluetooth® wireless technology, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE Classic, as well as 125 kHz proximity technology (T11, T12, T15 and T20 multi technology readers only). Mifare DesFire EV1/EV2 format implements the strong AES 128 bit data encryption standard to ensure data security. 
  • Custom site keys are supported when used with Mifare Plus and Mifare DESFire EV1/EV2 cards.
  • Mifare Enhanced Security (MES) options are available to counter card-cloning attempts. 
  • Access card reading is protected by Cardax IV data format with only licensed individuals able to create cards for sites. Issue levels are also supported. 
  • Gallaghers facility code management delivers unique facility code issues worldwide.
  • Encoding of issue level and region code in addition to facility code and card number, providing unique card data across global card databases.
  • Eight bit error detection protocol, ensuring that the reader correctly identifies the card being presented.
  • Unrivalled reader durability and water/dust protection.
  • Environmentally friendly – RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption.
  • Backwards compatibility – the readers are compatible with Cardax IV enabled Gallagher Controller and GBUS URI hardware.