Gallagher Controller 7000 Single Door

The Controller 7000 Single Door (C7000 SD) is a powerful network connected controller, providing a complete and flexible solution for your business expansion. The C7000 SD Power over Ethernet variants are designed to remove the need for power supplies, cabinets, and long expensive cable runs – reducing cost and time of installation. The small but mighty device is a lower-cost controller that can be utilized for system interfaces, alarm monitoring, perimeter security, and external device control.

The C7000 SD is designed to operate as a standalone or to complement the capabilities of existing Gallagher hardware.


Features and benefits

  • Complete solution for single door access control with multiple readers.
  • Power over Ethernet variant connects directly to a building’s structured cabling. DC power variant available for installation in a cabinet.
  • Optional PoE+ battery charging for local power backup.
  • Fully authenticated and encrypted connectivity with all other Gallagher Controllers and Gallagher devices on site.
  • Support for centralized or distributed building wiring topologies.
  • Onboard support for up to 6 inputs for all power, door, and alarm sensors.
  • Onboard relay output and a transistor output for a siren or strobe, etc.
  • Transistor output can be used as a second relay with the Gallagher Controller 7000 relay board.
  • On board front and rear tampers for installation outside of a cabinet.
  • Mounting plates, mounting block, and DIN rail adapters are available to provide flexible options for installations.
  • High speed RS-485 connectivity and software updates to downstream devices.
  • Support for integrated perimeter security.
  • Support for Elevator Control.
  • Support for integration directly with building management system.
  • Future High Security version will be available for sites with specific security and/or Government standards compliance needs.
  • Controller based API support for direct controller communication with 3rd party systems.
  • Full support for intruder alarms in conjunction with up to 256 HBUS IO and a Gallagher T20.