The integration of Gallagher and Morpho fingerprint readers delivers a fully integrated biometric access control solution. The readers (including the new Morpho Sigma Lite range) offer seamless fingerprint enrolment and template management from within the Gallagher system user interface, reflecting immediate schedule and access group changes in the Gallagher system. Only the relevant fingerprint templates are sent to each reader, saving database space and cost.

Advanced Gallagher functionality including anti-passback, duress fingers, dual authorization, zone counting, interlocking doors and controlled challenge is also made available with Morpho readers.

Product information

System brandMorpho
Product name: Morpho
Interface developed by: Gallagher
Gallagher software versions interfaced to: 7.30 or later
Available and supported: Worldwide
Industry applications: All

Features and benefits

  • 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensors.
  • Built in MIFARE card reader into recommended models allowing a secondary entry method.
  • Able to operate independently of the Gallagher server when used with Gallagher/Morpho fingerprint reader integration.
  • Individually adjustable false acceptance rates for each reader.
  • Outdoor and false finger detection models available.