What is Access Control
The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there. The deadbolt lock, along with its matching brass key, was the gold standard of access control for many years; however, modern businesses want more. Yes, they want to control who passes through their doors, but they also want a way to monitor and manage access. Keys have now passed the baton to computer-based electronic access control systems that provide quick, convenient access to authorized persons while denying access to unauthorized ones.

access control can also be combined with other access component with several types of lock systems following the needs and forms of doors that will be applied some types of access procedures adjust to the needs and level of security when someone enters a restricted area that only people are allowed to carry out activities within the site several gate types that can be applied for security access to an area including

Electronic Drop Bolt System. Fail-safe operation (unlocks if power is lost)or Fail safe secure (locking is power lost), Low temperature, safe,Low power consumption, Reliable locking mechanism (Up to 500000 operations), Durable and silence operation, Cosmetic anodized finish aluminum surface, Reverse current protection PCB, Full range of optional brackets.


Swing Barier Gate

 swing barrier turnstile that is designed for smooth and quiet operation and produces very little power. It is made of stainless steel which makes the very durable. Swing barrier is normally in a locked position, thus denying access to the safe side. 


Tripod Gate.

Tripod turnstile is a compact and cost-effective solution for an entrance system solution. Turnstile is designed to achieve smoothness and smooth transaction operations, reduce power consumption, and reduce wear rates. It is suitable for areas with high traffic routines

Full High Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile For outdoor can be operated bidirectional, perimeter application, aplicable for resticted area such as Power plant, Factory, military facilities, prison and other

Barier Gate

The ideal automatic car park barrier for parking and security control, can be easily integrated with revenue collection and access control systems.